A note from Suzanne…


Growing up, my parents believed that it was important to have a home cooked meal every night. I love that tradition and have kept it alive and well in my home. My husband Jeff and I can’t wait to dream up new concoctions for dinner each week. Weekends are my favorite. Meals are events! We love to entertain with friends who enjoy our passion for cooking. There is nothing better than hearing, “that was delicious”. Food definitely warms the soul and fills the tummy!

Some of the recipes you will see in this book are ones that I learned from friends. Others are from my large southern family, passed down from generation to generation. And then there are creations that I’ve come up with myself.

I talk food all of the time. It plays a huge role in my life. But the thing I love most about cooking is that anyone can do it! Allow your ideas to flow and don’t be afraid. Mistakes will happen, but I can promise you that the good dishes will outweigh the bad. Have fun with it and make memories. And along the way, I hope you enjoy a few of mine.

With Love,

Suzanne McCollum Johnson